Why Is My Instagram Story Blurry When I Add Music

When it comes to social media, especially Instagram, presence is everything. You always have to find the best photos and videos to share. It’s annoying when things aren’t exactly what you want them to be, especially when the photos and videos are crazy.

When you add music to your Instagram story, sometimes your photos and videos are dark or blurry. This happens for several reasons. This can be due to the settings on the Internet or the image itself. There are many other reasons why your Instagram stories will go crazy after adding music. However, each of them is easy to fix and can be done in minutes.

There are many reasons why adding music can make your Instagram story look boring. The most common causes and solutions are:


Instagram compresses all uploaded content to save space and bandwidth. Adding music increases the file size, which means more compression and confusion.

How to Fix:

Enable “high-quality releases” In Instagram settings. Reduces compression but may increase data usage. Instead of using the Instagram camera, try uploading directly from your camera roll. This can prevent further additions. Minimize the number of information elements. Too many stickers, GIFs and text can also contribute to blurriness.

Internet Connections:

Slow internet speed can make Instagram compress your content more than expected blur.

How to Fix:

If you have a good signal, use your mobile data or upgrade to a stronger Wi-Fi connection.
Disable data saver highlights in your Instagram settings or on your phone.

Application Issues:

Outdated Instagram applications could have bugs that influence upload quality.
Application store debasement can also prompt unexpected issues.

How to Fix:

Update the Instagram application to the most recent version.
Clear the Instagram application cache on your phone. (Directions fluctuate by device)

Different Factors:

Different photograph or video quality: Music will not magically sharpen the source material if it is blurry.
Instagram server issues: Once in a while, Instagram servers may be facing impermanent issues that influence upload quality.

How to Fix:

Try out a variety of music lengths: More limited clasps could pack better compared to longer ones.
Use a third-party app: Some video editing applications permit you to alter and transfer stories with music at better quality.

Tricks to Fix Blurry Instagram Story:

1. Use Your mobile data only:

This is quite possibly one of the most common reasons why Instagram Stories look blurry. It has happened to me so many times.

And there is only one option when it happens:

Use your personal phone’s internet data – not your WiFi (switch off your WiFi and ensure you are using your mobile data only).

Post in your Instagram Story

Assuming that it is great quality: congrats, you tracked down the solution!
Normally, mobile data has a more steady Internet connection.

2. Adjust the Setting of your Camera

On Android:

  • Open the default Camera application on your phone
  • Tap on the Settings symbol (it’s the gear symbol)
  • Change the image and video size to the best quality

On iPhone:

  • Open your iPhone Settings application
  • Find “Camera”
  • Change camera quality and flip the “Smart DHR” on

3. Switch off “Data saver” in the Instagram settings

Instagram generally automatically switches off your mobile data use. Your videos and photos may take longer to upload to Instagram. Also, it may blur your Instagram Stories.

  • Open your Instagram settings “Account” > “Data usage” > Switch off “Use less mobile data”

Hope these tips will help you with a solution to the blurry story issue and get your Instagram game back spot on! Assuming that you’ve attempted these all tips and the issue continues to happen, you can also try reaching Instagram support for additional help.

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