The Top 5 Books on Mobile App Development


Nothing could be better than making a career as a mobile developer if you plan to enter the tech industry as a developer. To help you with the beginning, we have listed top picks books for Mobile developers. Your career will get off to a great start with the help of these books.

Why should one Learn Mobile Development?

The following are 5 strong motivations to learn Mobile development and give your career a good start:

  • Best Job Opportunities: So many businesses have a mobile development team, and hiring is on the rise. If you have that expertise, then organisations will definitely offer you the best CTC.
  • Open-source software: Android is an open-source stage. It means you have access to whatever you really want and you might make anything you need.
  • It is one of the technologies growing the fastest: The scope of mobile development is sure to expand to new heights as smartphones get smarter.
  • Beautiful pay scales: In the IT industry, mobile developers are among the highest-paid professionals. It will undoubtedly provide you with that extra luxury, with a salary in the six figures within a few years.
  • You can be your own developer: By developing your own apps, you can easily become an independent developer. The exceptional benefit of learning mobile development is that you can choose to work or freelance.

We have selected the best books for mobile developers to help you in selecting one that is up-to-date, well-organised, and best to start with. These books are a must-have for any mobile developer in their collection to boost his/her skills.

Top 5 Books on Mobile App Development

What could be better than starting with books, man’s best friend? Friendship with good books can undoubtedly help you become a good developer. The ability to learn at your own pace is one of the book’s greatest advantages. The brief on Android should be your first understanding prior to discussing these books. Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel that lets you use Java/Kotlin and XML to create apps for mobile platforms.

The top 5 books for Mobile app development are listed below. You won’t have to worry about anything, even if you know nothing about app development because these books cover both basic and advanced topics.

Book 1: Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners by John Horton

A. Book Summary

Kotlin has been declared by Google to be a top-notch programming language for constructing Android applications. Android is the mobile operating system that is known the most widely throughout the world. With the inevitable appearance of the most expected Android update, Android 10 (Q), this book kicks you off building applications viable with the most recent variant of Android.

It uses a project-based approach, building three real-world apps and more than a dozen mini-apps to teach Android app development fundamentals and Kotlin fundamentals. The book begins by giving you a solid understanding of how Kotlin and Android work together. Next, it explores the various Android APIs to help you quickly and easily create stunning Android apps.

You will learn how to use various layouts to make your apps look better. Learn a lot about variables, functions, data structures, Object-Oriented programming, and how to connect your Kotlin code to the user interface. You will get to know how to add text in multiple languages so that your app can be used by millions more people. You will be taught how your Android app uses animation, graphics, and sound effects.

B. What you will learn:

You can easily figure out how Android and Kotlin work together.
Using Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, create a graphical drawing application.
Using ScrollView, RecyclerView, NavigationView, ViewPager, and CardView to create layouts that are both attractive and useful.
Compose Kotlin code to deal with an application’s information utilising various systems including JSON and the inherent Android SQLite data set.
Sound, animation, user interaction, and data capture can all be added to your apps.
Carry out exchange boxes to catch input from the client.
Create a straightforward database application that sorts and stores user data.

Book 2: Android App Development for Dummies by Michael Burton

A. Book Summary

In the event that you have the desire to construct an Android application, this involved aide gives you all that you want to dive into the improvement cycle and transform your extraordinary thought into a reality! You will have easy access to the most recent programming techniques that take advantage of the new features of the Android operating system in this updated version of Android App Development For Dummies. Additionally, two programs are offered: a simple application to get you started and a high-level application that makes use of more advanced Android platform features.

Android phones are the best way to reach as many people as possible because they currently hold nearly 80% of the global mobile phone market share. With the help of these books, developers of all things considered will rapidly figure out how to introduce the instruments they need, plan a decent UI, handle the plan difference among telephone and tablet applications, handle client input, keep away from normal traps, and turn into one that collects praise.

B. What you will learn

  • Create an Android app that works by setting up your IDE.
  • Familiarity with SDK components, frameworks, and tools.
  • Building an Android application and distributing it to the Google Play Store, and so on.
  • Develop cool applications for the most recent Android tablets and smartphones.
  • Make your current apps compatible with Android devices by adapting them.
  • Start developing Android apps by utilising tools and programs.
  • Make your apps available on the Google Play Store.

Book 3: Android Programming for Beginners by John Horton

A. Book Summary

Another book that covers basic topics like creating applications from scratch is this one. You will learn about all the fundamentals of Android programming in this book. This book comprises 3 real-world applications and 40 small-scale applications to learn Android. It actually takes a project-based approach and is meant to teach you about Android by explaining the app development process in detail.

When you finish this book, you’ll have information about Android application improvement and begin constructing your completely highlighted Android application.

B. What you will learn

  • Set up your Android development environment by installing it.
  • XML can be used to create an interactive user interface.
  • Covers all the important key concepts and APIs
  • Your apps can now include UI, data capture, sound, and animation.
  • Build, put them into operation, and publish them to the Google Play Store.

Book 4: Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials: Android 8 Edition by Neil Smyth

A. Book Summary

Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials is one of the books that cover both the basic and the more advanced concept. It also covers things like guide execution and submitting applications to the Google Play Store. You’ll start with Android basics – including how to function with Android Studio and its implicit connection point builder. Then, you’ll learn about solid Android development patterns and other advanced topics. You’ll also have the option to tune and test the application for execution.

You can also purchase a new edition of this book, as well as the Kotlin edition. It covers more advanced topics like Android architecture, libraries, and the jetpack in the new edition.

B. What you will learn

  • The Layout editor tool, Android Studio, and the code editor.
  • Content providers, intents, the testing environment, and database management
  • Concepts of materialistic design.
  • Advanced features of Android like App Links, Instant Apps, the Android Studio profiler, and Gradle build configuration
  • Beginning with the basics, move on to creating applications that are ready for production.

Book 5: Android Programming – Pushing the Limits by E Hellman

A. Book Summary

This book is for people who want to learn how to create advanced Android applications. This book, Android Programming, will definitely help you push your limits if you already know everything there is to know about the Android operating system and can quickly build Android applications. Find out how to quickly create amazing apps that are advanced, creative, and user-friendly.

Erik Hellman, provides expert advice on advancing Android development, including advanced multi-touch gestures and custom views, integrating online web services, and utilising the most recent geofencing and activity recognition features.

B. What you will learn

  • Making your own customised views.
  • Using the Android APIs for cryptography.
  • Using hidden Android APIs in a secure manner.
  • Make your components as efficient as possible to ensure a user-friendly experience.
  • Push the limits of the Android SDK.
  • Master Gradle and Android Studio.
  • Make the most of the audio, video, and graphics APIs on Android.
  • Make the most of the brand-new Android location API and maps.
  • Connect to remote devices using Android connectivity technologies.
  • Perform processing in the background.
  • Utilise Google Play Services to cloud-enable your applications.
  • Sell and distribute your apps on the Google Play Store.


As a result, if you want to make your Android app development journey more rewarding and convenient, here are a few of the most recommended books. With these books, you can really learn and master Android development; all you need to do is be consistent, dedicated, and excited about learning.

The books for versatile designers highlighted in this post will help anyone who wants to learn and understand the developing field. Taking an online course from the comfort of your own home is a great and convenient way to enter this trending field, following the current trend.

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