What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? How Can You Fix It?

If you’ve ever seen the word “pending” when viewing or sending a Snap, don’t worry because it usually just means that the other person is busy. Pending messages are usually notifications that snaps are not delivered to the other person, and Snapchat is still processing it for you. It is a standard issue faced in day-to-day life by Snapchat users.

So what can you do if pending messages become more than an occasional annoyance? There are several ways to fix this pesky problem so that you can enjoy the enhanced enjoyment of using Snapchat as intended. Here we have shared the possible reasons behind the frequent appearance of this “pending” tab. You can also learn how to solve this issue of pending message issue in your chat groups on Snapchat.

What Does “Pending” Mean On Snapchat?

When a message is sent to a friend or a follower, and that person hasn’t viewed it, you will see “pending” on top of your message. When you go to the story viewer and view this person’s story, you will also see “pending” next to their name.

However, when viewing your friends’ stories, there is no pending tab – this means that they could view your snap-in in real-time. But if they don’t view the snap within 24 hours, the countdown timer instantly disappears, and it becomes pending again.

Possible Reasons Behind Seeing Pending Message

There are a few possible reasons why you see a pending message in the chatbox of your Snapchat. Some of these include

1. The person viewed your snap in the recent past but deleted it later

It is a common issue of you and your friends regarding this, When you send a snap to a friend if they did not view the snap on their screen within 24 hours, nothing happens, and it will automatically turn into pending status. Still, if they have viewed the snap earlier and liked or commented on it, then you’ll see “Pending” after 24 hours.

2. The person hasn’t opened the Snapchat app yet.

The most common reason messages are showing as pending is that they haven’t opened the Snapchat app yet. For example, they might be downloading or updating the new version of the Snapchat app. So, first, they will see the message as pending, then they’ll open Snapchat, and after that, it will show up on their friend request.

3. They are busy

The other reason could be that perhaps the person is busy and doesn’t have time to view your snap yet. This may happen because you sent a snap to someone not currently using Snapchat. If you have sent a snap that is not in their newsfeed, then there’s a chance that they are not even aware of it at all. To see your Snap in real-time and delete it if unread, they have to open the Snapchat app first.

4. The Person Has Removed You As a Friend

If you have sent your snap to someone who has removed you from the friend list, then it will show up as pending until the very end of time. But after that, a new friend request will automatically appear from them.

5. System Glitch Of Snapchat

Another possible reason is the system glitch of the Snapchat app. There’s a possibility that your friend sent you a snap while they were in the middle of the app’s loading process. So, it will remain pending until they open Snapchat and manually send you your friend request or message you through the chatbox.

6. You Are Not Connected To the Internet

If you have sent a snap without an internet connection, you will see a pending message in your Snapchat. But it usually appears to people who don’t have access to an internet connection for an extended period. If you are connected to the internet, it shouldn’t appear for more than 30 seconds.

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Easy Ways To Fix Pending Messages Problem

There are several ways to fix this pesky problem so that you can enjoy the enhanced enjoyment of using Snapchat as intended. Some of these include

Start With Checking The Internet Connection Of Your Device

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your device has enough space to download the Snapchat update. Also, if it is not, you might have to delete some photos or videos and clear the data. And then check the internet connection on your device again. If it has disconnected, then start the app and immediately send a snap

Clear All Data Of The App

Once you have started using this app again, you should clear all of the data on the Snapchat app itself. Next, check your phone’s background apps and disable those that may take up too much memory space. Finally, restart your phone and wait until Snapchat reloads if all else fails. After reloading, your message will be delivered if there is any standing error with your device.

Restart Your Device And Reopen Snapchat App

If you have been having this issue for a while, then the problem might be with your device in general. So, restart your phone and open the app once again. If you still see pending messages in your friend request or the chatbox, you may need to delete Snapchat and reinstall it from scratch.

Delete And Reinstall Snapchat App

This is another situation where deleting and reinstalling Snapchat will help solve the problem of pending messages or newsfeeds with no updates coming through for 24 hours. Delete the app from your phone’s app drawer, open “Google Play Store” on your device, and search for ‘Snapchat.’

Try Sending A Dummy Message For Testing

The third thing you can do is delete the app’s data and restart your device. After that, send a dummy message to any of your friends and see if it shows up as “pending” or not. If it shows pending, there is certainly some issue with your device or the internet connection.

In Case You Are Blocked, Try Contacting us Using Another Medium

If you are blocked from someone’s Snapchat account, you might want to contact them using some other social media platform. You can also try to add them again after a few days as maybe the problem was some other thing. Nothing seems to work for you. Just move with your life. If anyone has blocked you and tried your best to win them back, then the ideal thing to do is move with your life.

Final Verdict!

So, these are some of the possible reasons why you might be seeing Pending Messages on Snapchat. If you face any issue regarding the same, you can follow the steps mentioned above and try to solve it instantly. With the information shared above, you can quickly point out pending message issues get rid of these irritating pending messages. Go on and fix pending messages on the Snapchat app and enjoy chatting with their friends without paying even a single penny.

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