How to Download Photos from Threads

Threads, the most recently launched social media stage from Meta Platforms, has entered the scene promising a more engaged and connecting experience for users. Threads presents an amazing new expansion to social media. Its emphasis on text-based correspondence and topic-based communities offers a new experience and potential for significant connections.

Threads, allows you to post texts, photographs, and videos to your followers, but it will not allow you to save a post on your phone. Thus, here we have a solution for downloading photographs and videos from Threads if you like any photos of your friends, celebrities or anything amazing you see.

Download Photos from Threads

Depending on your device and preferred method, you can download photos from Threads in different ways. Here are the most common choices:

Inbuilt Thread Application

Step 1: Open the Threads application and find the photograph you need to download.

Step 2: Long-press the paper plane symbol below the post.

Step 3: From the pop-up menu, look down and tap “Image Download.”

Step 4: The photograph will be downloaded to your Phone.

Third-Party Application (Android – iOS)

Thread Downloader(Android): This application allows you to download multiple photos and videos from Threads. Just copy the link of the post containing the ideal media and paste it into the application. It will then, download all photos and videos from that post.

Shortcut (iOS): You can make a custom easy route using the Shortcuts application that allows you to download photos from Threads with a single tap.

Screenshot or recording of the screen:

This is a simple but less exact method. Take a screenshot or screen recording of the photos you need to save. You can then edit and crop the unwanted part.

Download from String Web(Desktop)

You Can Download photos from Threads on your computer using Web Applications. Let’s take a look:

  • Start Strings Web in Your Browser.
  • Sign in to your Account
  • Select the post that you want to Download
  • Click the image to view it in full-screen
  • Click right on the image
  • Select the “Save Image As” option
  • Select the location of your computer to save the image

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