How to Fix Facebook Reels Comments Not Showing

Many Facebook users are interested in why the remark doesn’t show up on their Facebook reels! Imagine looking for your comment sections and viewing them as none. I understand you’re experiencing difficulty with Facebook Reel comments not appearing. Relax, this is a common issue and there are a few things you can attempt to fix it:

Fast checks:

Refresh: Frequently, a simple refresh is all it takes. To refresh the comments, swipe the reel down.

Internet Connections: Guarantee you have a strong and steady internet connection. Try exchanging between Wi-Fi and mobile data or running a speed test. You can also check your connection strength by running an internet speed test.

Application related solutions:

Update the application: Ensure you’re using the most recent version of the Facebook application. Obsolete forms can have bugs.

Clear Cache: This can once in a while remove information that is causing the issue. On Android, go to Settings > Applications > Facebook > Capacity > Clear store. On iPhone, you can’t straightforwardly clear the application store, yet you can uninstall and reinstall the application.

Force quit/restart the application: This can sometimes temporary glitches and resolve the issue. On Android, double-tap the New Applications button and swipe up on the Facebook application to close it. On the iPhone, swipe up the application review from the lower part of the screen to close it. After that, restart the app.

Report the issue to Facebook: Assuming that you’ve attempted the above-mentioned comments aren’t all appearing, you can report the issue to Facebook directly. Go to the help centre and request for “report an issue” to track down the fitting structure.

Steps to update the Facebook Application:

Step 1: Start the App Store for the iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Step 2: Use the search bar at the top to look for Facebook and click on the result.

Step 3: Is there an update choice available? Yes, then tap on it to install the update successfully.

After the update, restart the Facebook app to see if the reel comments are displayed.

Steps to clear the cache on the device:

Step 1: Open Settings on your device and go down to Applications. On the other hand, use the search bar at the top to look for Applications.

Step 2: Facebook can be found on this page if you go to Manage Apps next.

Step 3: Now, select the Clear Data option by clicking on Facebook.

Step 4: Select clear cache as the next option, then click the OK button to confirm.


If you can see the number of remarks but not the genuine content, take a stab at changing to an alternate internet connection or using the Facebook site rather than the application. Assuming you’re experiencing difficulty in comments on a particular reel, it’s conceivable that the remarks have been impaired by the creator. I trust one of these ideas will solve the issue! If you’re experiencing difficulty, go ahead and give more insights regarding the issue, similar to what device you’re using and any error messages you’re seeing. I can use this to further troubleshoot.

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